We currently have instructors in the following cities:


 Austin is home of the University of Texas, the State Capitol, and is nicknamed the “Live Music Capitol of the World”. Any given day you can find adventure from bike riding, to river floating, or just meandering through downtown. Austin prides itself for the diverse cultures filtrating the city, a long standing football tradition, and the wonderful food surrounding the city. Austin is a city that is famous for celebrating creativity, music, and many different ethnicities. We are proud to bring you pitching and hitting instructor Erin Fredenburg as our leading instructor in the Austin area. Erin has access to private facilities close to Concordia University. She would be delighted to come to your fields!

Houston Texas hosts the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the largest rodeo in the world. It’s a delicate mix between country and city, with the Galleria shopping center and acres of countryside with horses and cows about 30 minutes west. Sylvia Wilkins is the lead instructor in Houston, and her preferred facility is: