Softball Lessons

Softball Lessons

Sylvia Wilkins has been playing softball for 14+ years, and is going into her 5th year of coaching. Through the years, she has learned many different tricks, and constantly working on her technique to relay information to athletes. While she started her business as a hitting instructor, she has developed many other areas of interest for athletes to explore.

Defensively, she offers lessons specifically for developing catchers, outfielders, and infielders. She is also able to construct a lesson targeted for throwing mechanics.

Catching lessons include a variety of drills aimed at improving a catcher’s quickness and reflexes, and the mental game. Specifics include working on blocking, wild pitches, foul balls, bunts, pick offs, calling pitches and throw downs. Catching lessons are always designed for the individual, and the possibilities are endless.

Infield lessons are designed to work on position specific drills. The infielder needs quick reflexes, lots of repetitions, and a sharp knowledge of “what’s next”.  Throwing is also a huge staple in an infielder’s game, so drills are incorporated to make sure the player has the correct mechanics, motion, and ability.

Outfield lessons focus on repetitions with footwork, depth perception, and reading the ball off the bat. There are a variety of drills to practice sliding under the ball, making long throws, catching short balls, and increasing running and throwing speed. A good outfielder has an accurate arm, quick reflexes, and a good glove, so outfielding lessons are designed to improve these components.

Offensive lessons can be coordinated to improve and develop any part of the offensive game. Most of Sylvia’s lessons are centered around bunting, left handed slapping, or power hitting. Many clients come wanting to learn how to bunt or slap successfully, and focus on that for part of their lesson. Sylvia teaches the Rotational Style of hitting, which is the newest technique, and in a nutshell, is designed to use the body as a whip to drive the ball. For left handed slapping, she teaches a short slap and a power slap, each designed for different situations. Lastly, her bunting revolves around a sacrifice bunt for beginners, and a sneaky bunt or a drag bunt for more advanced hitters.

All lessons are designed specifically for the individual and their needs. Many times a lesson is split for offensive and defensive work, which is easily arranged.